The range of services is completed by a centre for recreation and relaxation, offering the guests several indoor and outdoor pools with thermal water, fitness studio, various saunas, massage salons and recreational programmes managed by professionals, i.e. fitness and aerobics.


fizioterapije termalnavodaThe MTC Fontana boasts numerous indoor and outdoor pools in total covering more than 500 square meters. The main characteristics of the pools is thermal water, while all are equipped with underwater massages, whirlpools and water effects.

Water temperature is between 30 and 36 degrees Celsius. The pool area is very diverse. It will be enjoyed by children, who love waterfalls, while the adults can benefit from a relaxing water massage. The range of services is in the summer months completed by the catering activity in the beautiful ambience of the Fontana`s terrace, summer entertainment events and kindergarten.

Everyday workout for a GOOD DAY is organised in the pool, managed by qualified professional personnel. In this way you can prepare your body for an ACTIVE DAY. In the afternoon BACK EXERCISES take place in the pool, supervised by a physiotherapist.


savne smallSauna can be practiced by anybody with the exception of seriously ill people. It can be visited also by pregnant women and people of all ages. However, sauna is not recommended to people with injuries or patients suffering from acute inflammations or infectious diseases.

not valid on holidays

Sauna is suitable for all those who are aware of their limitations:

  • it reduces physical and psychical stress and tension
  • it alleviates pain and tension in muscles and joints
  • it improves the blood flow
  • it eases the consequences of a cold and flu
  • it helps to eliminate toxins from the body, whereby the skin pores are cleansed

Women who regularly visit sauna, NOTICE less pain during their menstrual cycle.

Saunas available: Turkish (steam) sauna, Finnish (dry) sauna, Infra (IR) sauna, Natural water fountain, Rest room.


Turkish (steam) sauna

  • Temperature: 43-46°C
  • Relative humidity: up to 98%
  • Duration: up to 15 min

Steam bath is a procedure during which steam affects the entire body. It differs from the Finnish sauna in the temperature (much lower) and humidity (higher).
Due to high humidity and essential oil aromas it has a beneficial effect on the respiratory organs. Steam helps open the pores, which leads to natural cleansing of the skin.


Finnish (dry) sauna

  • Temperature: 80-85°C (I) 90-95°C (II)
  • Relative humidity: 10-25%
  • Duration: up to 15 min

In Finnish dry sauna a body is heated up by hot air. As water is poured over the stones, hot steam is produced, which accelerates sweating of the body. The body sweats profusely, whereby the skin cleanses and muscles relax. Particularly dry sauna is recommended to those suffering from back and joint pain. Dry heat penetrates the body deeper than moist.


Infra (IR) sauna

  • Temperature: 55-60°C
  • Duration: up to 15 min

Infra sauna enables healthy sweating with all advantages of far-infrared heat. The infrared sauna Health Partner has been thoroughly tested.

On account of extremely healing effects on skin diseases (e.g. acne, pityriasis versicolor, etc.) and therapeutic success in joint diseases (such as rheumatism and arthritis) the infrared saunas are more and more often used in medicine. The infrared rays penetrate deep, which is why a body sweats sooner and more at a lower temperature (approx. 50 degrees Celsius).

It is recommended mainly to those who are sensitive to high temperatures and those who wish to achieve a greater preventive effect for strengthening the immune system with less effort. Special sources of light in spectral colours affect the vegetative nerve system.

  • RED colour stimulates the functioning of the heart, the blood circulation and flow, it is internally invigorating, it stimulates excitement and eliminates blocks. It influences the mesoderm and mesenchym organs.
  • YELLOW is the colour of sun, it relaxes tension and meets the expectations and hopes. It also promotes glands and activates the mucous, gives a feeling of warmth, pleasant comfort and cheerfulness. It affects the endotherm organs.
  • GREEN colour is a calming colour, a colour of firmness, internal hope and self-esteem. It promotes balance and harmony. Balancing, calming and strengthening effects positively impact the mood.
  • BLUE colour relaxes and has a calming effect, which incites thinking and meditation. It is also effective against bacteria and hinders blood circulation. It affects the endotherm organs.